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Coordinator Guide

Partner Institution Coordinator Guide


Find your institution’s ID and Password

Please select your country and find your home institution. If you do not have an account here or cannot find your institution ID, please email as at exchange@hufs.ac.kr.

New or Inactive Partners

If your university is our new exchange partner or has not recently sent any exchange students to HUFS, there may not be any ID for your institution. Please contact us via email to get a new ID for your institution (or to reactivate your account).

Check the number of Exchange Slots

If you are missing slots please contact us at exchange@hufs.ac.kr so that we may open them for you.

    • The number of student slots available at each partner institution varies. If you need additional slots, please contact us via email: exchange@hufs.ac.kr

    • If you are sending your students to our university through CONASEP, the number of student slots will be available after we confirm your nomination of students in the CONASEP system.

Update your contact information

    • Select your country and find your home institution.

    • You can find your institution ID.

    • You can easily request to retrieve the password by submitting your email address, if you use our system for the first time or have forgotten your password.

    • If your email address is already in our system, you will receive an automated system message via email. Please check your inbox (or spam folder).

    • If our system keeps telling you to validate your email address, please try to use a different email address. Basically our system currently stores your office email address unless it has been changed before.

    • If you use our system for the first time, you will see your institution’s password is set to a 4 digit number such as 0000, 2012, 2013 or 2014, as these are used as our system’s temporary passwords.

Zip Code

    • Please do not forget to add your zip/postal code when updating your address. Our office will use your office contact information as a DHL delivery address for students’ acceptance packets.

Add additional coordinators

    • Each partner university can register up to 3 coordinators in our system. Please add information for another exchange program coordinator(s) or professor if needed.

Modify your password

Since your personal information is currently stored in our system, we strongly advise you to change your password immediately.

Nominate your students

All personal information should be entered in English and please make sure you enter a valid email address for your students.

Once you have generated the ID for your student, you and your student will receive the ID and password via an email directly sent from our system.


You can check whether your nominated students have completed our online application and their admission has been approved by HUFS.