Fact Sheet

Fall 2024 & Spring 2025 Factsheet(Download)

Institution Name

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Korea

Institution Website

International Summer Session


Program Eligibility 

Exchange students must have:

Language Proficiency 


For taking classes taught in English

One of the following:

a) computer-based 213 or higher

b) internet-based 80 or higher

No language requirements for taking Intensive Korean Language only


For taking classes taught in Korean

One of the following:

No language requirements for taking Intensive Korean Language only

Benefits for Exchange Students 

Nomination / Application Period 

Spring Entry

August 1 - October 30

Summer & Fall Entry

February 1 - April 30 23:59 KST

Semester Dates 

Spring Semester

March 4 – June 23

 Fall Semester

  Sept 2 - Dec 20

International Summer Session 2024

New Student Orientation Dates 


End of Feb(TBD)


Aug 30 14:00 ~ (Humanity Building)

Dormitory  (Globee dorm) Check-in/out Dates 


In: February 27 - 28, 2024 (9:00~16:00 KST) 

Out: June 21 - 22, 2024 (9:00~15:00 KST)


In: August 29 - 30, 2024 (9:00~16:00 KST) 

Out: December 20 - 21, 2024 (9:00~15:00 KST)

Required Application Documents 

New Submission Method!!

Please have students submit documents using the form and instructions below: 

The Document Upload Form will be provided after you finish your Online Application at HUFS Portal

Individual File Submission (.pdf, .doc, or .jpg)

          - ONE copy of supporting evidence in English proficiency or reference letter if applicable

* All dormitory applicants must submit a copy of the Health Examination Form completed by a licensed doctor/clinician to secure their spot at the dormitory. Students are required to complete the Tuberculosis (TB) test in the X-ray form and NOT the skin test form. The Hepatitis Test is not required and can be left blank. Students must present the original copy of this health examination form OR the medical report with their Tuberculosis test result when checking in at any of HUFS dormitory. 

Financial Statement

Under the Ministry of Justice's (Immigration Office) regulation, all exchange students are required to submit (to the university of exchange) proof of financial stability for the duration of their exchanges:

Students will be contacted by the Office of International Admissions & Management (OIAM) regarding the financial statement closer to the start of the semester. Students won't need to submit any supporting documents during the application period. 

The financial requirement indicated above must be supported by students themselves OR parent(s) OR a family member. Additional documents showing financial support may be asked for later on. This statement needs to be issued within 3 weeks before the application deadline for validity.

HUFS Online Application Demo

Student Document Submission Demo

Document Submission Form

Admission PACKET to Partner University 

The following materials will be sent to registered e-mail(s) of each coordinator and applicant (student). Please consult with your local Korean embassy/consulate for any other necessary documents (items vary by country).

Visa Process

D-2-6 VISA (Study Abroad) is required BEFORE entering Korea. 

Students can apply for a valid visa at the nearest Korean Embassy with the admissions packet. An additional step is required for students from the *21 nations listed below.

Health Examination

Students from the following nationalities/countries are required to take the Tuberculosis (TB) test at a hospital designated by the Korean embassy as part of the visa process. Please consult the Korean embassy or Consulate for further details. This medical report can be used for check-in at HUFS dormitories upon arrival. 

Health Insurance

Exchange students or their parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of any medical treatment should it arise during their stay in Korea and HUFS.

Students should bring comprehensive travel and medical insurance before coming to Korea and verify that the insurance policy they carry covers hospitalization and any medical care that occurs during international travel and sojourns, as well as repatriation to their home country in any case of medical emergency. 

Starting Spring 2021, a new law requires all exchange students to register and pay for the National Health Insurance plan in Korea.

Available Courses 

HUFS Course Finder

Course Finder link


Pre-Arrival Guide

Pre-arrival Guide link

courses delievered in english

A range of courses are delivered in English across different departments at HUFS. At HUFS, we try our best to offer a wide range of options for students to choose from. However, please keep in mind that not all departments offer courses delivered in English. The following list of departments are some of the major departments and schools which offer courses taught in English. 

Please keep in mind that courses are always changing each semester.

Restricted Courses 

Restricted Courses

Some departments and schools at HUFS are restricted to exchange students, meaning exchange students will not be able to enroll in these courses regardless of their degree or level of study.

The following departments and schools are restricted:

Semi-restricted Courses (Business College)

As of January 2020, course from Business College has been restricted under specific conditions. Due to a high level of student capacity and demand, full time HUFS students will be given first priority over exchange students. Exchange students WILL NOT be able to enroll for any courses from Business College during the first round of course registration. Exchange students will be able to apply for Business College courses starting midway of the second round of course registration. This restriction applies to ALL exchange students regardless of their degree or level of study.

As open slots are filled in fast, it is not guaranteed that students will be accepted into courses of interest. Hence, it is the students responsibility to have a backup plan or find an alternative course(s) at the time of application and course enrollment.

HUFS Grading Scale 

Regular Semester Course performance is graded on a 100- point scale


Double occupancy dormitory (on and off campus dormitory) 

"Off Campus" dorms (International Houses) are only about 250-300 meters away from the center of the Seoul campus.

See our pre-arrival guide's housing section for more info.

Please note that due to limited spacing on our on/off campus dormitories, not every student will be guaranteed a spot at the time of application.  Dormitory assignment will be given on a first come first serve basis when students apply for it through the online application on the HUFS portal website. Students will be considered for dormitory placement based on their answer via this online application and NOT the separate Google Forms Survey. Please keep in mind that selecting the dormitory option on the Google Forms Survey (link attached on the online application form) will not guarantee students a spot for dormitory.  

Tuition Fee 


As of Fall 2024, the Intensive Korean Program will change from being a fee-exempt program to a partially fee-paying program due to a wide range of Korean language courses available in our undergraduate course catalog. 

Students who are completing a degree (in their home university) consisting of a Korea/Korean/East Asian Studies/Translation (Korean) major or minor will be EXEMPTED from paying the course fee for the Intensive Korean Program.

Any students who are NOT of the major or minor mentioned above will be required to partially pay for the program. From the total program fee of 1,660,000 KRW, these students will pay an amount of 800,000 KRW and HUFS will pay 860,000 KRW as scholarship.

Please keep in mind that the Intensive Korean Program is fully conducted in English.

Students who wish to take the Intensive Korean Program during winter and/or summer must pay the tuition fee, at a 30% discounted rate (about 1,141,000 KRW ). 

In addition to the Intensive Korean Program, HUFS will offer a newly adapted language program in line with the original Survival Korean program - Practical Korean Program. Practical Korean Program consists of 30 hours of course time over 6 weeks, and does not come with any course fee. Practical Korean Program is a new program open to prospective exchange students starting Fall 2024. Students may apply for this program regardless of their major (including Korean majors). 

Currency at HUFS 

Korean WON (KRW)

USD $1 = approximately 1,300 Won

Enrollment as of Fall 2023 

2,437 Undergraduate (1,829) / graduate (608) international students between the Seoul and Global (located in Yongin city) campuses. 

INternational OFfice Address 

Office of International Admissions and Management (OIAM) 

Historical Archives Building #102

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

107, Imun-Ro, Dongdaemun-Gu, Seoul 02450, Korea 

Inbound Exchange Inquiries 

Exchange Students

Mr. Jaehoan JOO / Chloe Lee

Office of International Admissions and Management 

Visiting Students/International Summer Session

Ms. Yoobin AHN

Office of International Admissions and Management 

Outbound Exchange Inquiries 

Ms. Nahyeon CHOI

Office of International Affairs

Useful Websites

Pre-arrival Guide


International Student Guidebook


Academic Credits

More Info

Credits and Class Hours

*This does not include any study work spent outside of the lecture/lab period.

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Intensive Korean Program Students

NOTE: Students who are completing a degree consisting of a Korea/Korean/East Asian Studies/Translation (Korean) major or minor will be EXEMPTED from paying the course fee for the Intensive Korean Program.

Any students who are NOT of the major or minor mentioned above will be required to pay partially for the program. From the total program fee of 1,660,000 KRW, these students will pay an amount of 800,000 KRW and HUFS will pay 860,000 KRW as scholarship.