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Nomination Instructions

Spring Semester

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Fall Semester


March 2 - June 21

July 13 - August 11, 2023 

Online - see:

September 1 - December 21

Nomination/Application Period

August 1 - October 30

February 1 - April 30

STEP 1 - REVIEW our Factsheet

Step 2 - Review General Changes/Notices for 2024

Non-OECD Nationalities

Financial Statement required in the following amounts (in the student's name or their parent's name) following the length of the desired exchange: 


The Ministry of Justice now requires that all non-OECD nationality bearing students must submit Certificates of Current Enrollment that are APOSTILLED. For countries that are not members of the Hague Convention, the documents must be verified/notarized as the local Korean Embassy/Consulate.

Chinese Citizens

Chinese citizens must also submit transcripts that are verified by the Chinese Education Ministry - ( /



Nominate your students through the HUFS Online Portal:

First time?

Please read our Online Nomination System Guideline's Portal Instructions.

No slots available? 

Send us an email to so we can fix it for you.


Student Applications

HUFS Online Portal:

Students complete their online applications by October 30/April 30 using the login ID and PW (their birthdate in YYYYMMDD format) generated by our online application system from your nominations.

STEP 5 - Have students Submit Requred DOCUMENTS

Google Form Document Submission:

We have developed a new document submission method using Google Forms where we are asking students to provide some basic information in addition to their documents. Please review our video tutorial where we demonstrate what this process looks like, and how easy it is. Many of our students and partners already use Google Suites at their institutions or have personal Google Accounts so we believe there should be minimal disruption to your outbound support in this regard.

If students cannot make a Google Account easily (e.g., students in China), please have them fill out this form but skip the document submission portion- these can be emailed to us:

STEP 6 - Receive AdmissioNs/Visa Package


We review and process all complete applications, and send out accepted students' admissions packets by email and paper mail:

*Kindly update all of your current office staff information (including address and zip code) in our system.